Relax and let us put you in a divine state of mind with our custom facials.

Sublimely Divine

Deep cleansing, exfoliation under steam, extractions, and a custom blended mask plus a soothing face and upper back massage. In addition, your hands, and feet are pampered with a nourishing treatment.

75 minutes $80

Aromatic Organic

We use an effective, high-quality, organic product line from Hungary. You’ll feel the ingredients working, while the soothing aromas take you back to nature!

75 minutes $80

Celestial “C”

A rejuvenating facial that firms, hydrates, and refines skin tone, while adding precious antioxidants to help skin maintain balance; a wonderful treatment for skin experiencing an overdose of sun or other harsh environments.

75 minutes $80

Heavenly Skin Quencher

Smooth out the fine lines, hydrate skin tissue, and calm irritations; an ideal preparation for any special event.

75 minutes $80

Hydroxy Anti Aging Facial

Hydroxy acid helps rid skin of dead cells that can leave the skin looking dry, dull,and tired. Moisturizers and topical nutrients can work deeper and more efficiently, leaving your skin firmer and glowing!

75 minutes $95

Gentleman’s Facial

Giving him the same dedicated care as the Sublimely Divine Facial, with a focus on hydration and deep cleansing.

75 minutes $80

Beatific Back & Booty

A “facial” for the place you can’t reach in the shower. This treatment refreshes, exfoliates and refines your skin; ideal following sun exposure. For those daring souls, we include your booty.

60 minutes $65 (back only)
70 minutes $80 (back & booty)

Acne Facial

The acne facial addresses skin prone to break outs. Deep cleaning, enzyme mask with steam, extractions, and a custom mask… Followed with a neck, hand and foot massage.

75 minutes $80

Gratifying Mini

To meet the needs of a busy schedule we provide a shortened version of the Sublimely Divine Facial that addresses problems of sun damage, acne and/or dehydration.

45 minutes $60

Teen Facial

Formulated specifically to deep clean and balance teen hormonal acne problems.

45 minutes $60